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How Research Analyst Greg T. Bolan Got to Avondale

April 20, 2017
Gregory Bolan’s business experience is extensive, but just as important as his business experience could very well be his significant life experience, which would most certainly include his four years of service in the United States Army, where took on a leadership role as an Infantry Rifleman and Squad Leader. After the Army, Greg went on to college, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University, where he attended the prestigious Goizueta Business School. There, he majored in Finance and that has served him well.

These days, Gregory Bolan can be found serving a critical role as a Senior Research Analyst in the critical areas of Healthcare IT and Pharmaceutical Services for Avondale Partners, LLC. Avondale is an excellent Nashville-based boutique investment banking and asset management firm, so he keeps very good company. Over the course of the past decade or so, he has been working on improving and perfecting his skills as a research analyst, which is most likely why he landed at Avondale in the first place.